ADM Warmup Race #2

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ADM Warmup Race #2

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Hi All,

The second of the warmup races for the ADM was held this past Saturday 21 January.

Classes raced were Slotworx Porsche Cup and Flexi Limited Sedan (with Cheetah IV horsepower).

Porsche Cup
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This race had a fantastic battle between myself and Charles with never more than a lap between us for the3 duration of the whole race before I took the win by a fraction over 2 seconds - that was hard work for both of us for sure!

Darryl and Wayne had a similar stoush for the remaining podium position and after going into the last bracket with Wayne just in front with both on the same lap - disaster struck for Wayne with a broken lead-wire and that was that - Darryl for third.

Dave finished only a couple of laps behind Wayne with Neil finishing off the field.
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Limited Sedan
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A great run by Darryl saw him come from 7th after starting on Black with a sad bracket to hit the lead over Wayne who was looking strong to finish 1st - 2nd with Charles bringing up the 3rd spot.

Dave finished only 0.289 sec behind for 4th with Aaron lap further back showing some good form for what I believe was his first time on the track.

I had one of those days with a broken lead-wire near the end of the 4th bracket - time out while I fixed it in the extended lane change (hey it was a test race) and was flying again with all good lanes to come when the other wire went in the 6th bracket :( :roll: My mate Stoo reckons I will need to look at that ;).

Neil and Graeme circulated well to finish a few laps further back.
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Great racing on the old track in a new location and a big thanks to Ron, the guys who helped clean and condition the track and volunteer marshals including Kel, Roland and Bob (Rocket) Doggett.

Next race is this coming Friday - Australia Day Mash. ... 17cc3316d8

Regulations can be found here: -
Regards - Mark 8-)

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Re: ADM Warmup Race #2

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Great report Mark. very fast racing indeed . not sure how we will handle the heat on Friday .supposed to be a stinker. Anyway. We'll see how we go . :😓😓😓😓😓
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Saturday Races at Windsor

Post by Kel »

Results from the races Saturday, it was great close racing! Well done Ron for the track prep!

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Re: ADM Warmup Race #2

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Great to see the old Hornsby track up and running. From all reports the track is better than ever. Kudos to Ron and his helpers - I'll try and come down one weekend for a race.
Wayne Walker
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Re: ADM Warmup Race #2

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Was another great day of racing
Bring on Friday
Hopefully it’s not to hot 🤔🤔
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Re: ADM Warmup Race #2

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Hopefully it’s not to hot 🤔🤔
ABSOLUTELY !!! :!: :!: :)
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